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Beginners Crochet

Beginners Crochet

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Saturday 9th September start.  2-4pm

Always wanted to learn how to crochet? This six-week course is the perfect introduction to this fun and rewarding craft. Our experienced instructor Emily will guide you through the basics of crochet, from learning how to hold the hook and yarn to mastering the most common stitches. Over the six weeks, you'll learn a number of techniques and skills, each week mastering a new skill. You'll also have the opportunity to explore different types of yarn and hooks, and learn how to read crochet patterns. This course is developed to help beginners build your skills and confidence. By the end of the six weeks, you'll have created either a bag, a scarf or coasters- the choice is yours! Join our community of crafters today and discover the joys of crochet! All materials are included and your crochet hook will be yours to take home.

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